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From zero to representing the school at the inter-schools competitions, my Daughter has blossomed into a independent and confident lady. Thanks to Coaches Yu Jin, Fu kuan, Steven, under their tutelage, Beatrice developed that intense passion for Bowling and what was taught by the coaches translated into important life skills for her too.

Their passion for grooming the next generation goes beyond the sport. Keep up the good work!

Lin Jin Ting Jul. 19, 2017

Ziqi first started her bowlling lesson with Coach Yu Jin in Oct 15 right after her PSLE. She had started from basic and went from there as Coach Yu Jin had shown more than patience, and she never felt uncomfortable. Coach Yu Jin has the ability to adapt with all types of bowlers’ personalities. His lessons are never boring as he blends having a good time as well as being serious. He has the true passion for the game and possesses the right tools and tips to help bowlers at any level. Concepts of the games are being explained very thorougly and he makes sure his bowlers understand him. We look forward to seeing Coach Yu Jin further his career as a coach as he continues to promote the sport of bowling the right way.

Yilin - Mother of Ziqi Mar. 21, 2017

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I was with Coach Yu Jin for my Advanced COE course in 2014 and within my short year under the training of Coach Yu Jin, I saw that my form was much stronger, smoother and my scores got higher and more consistent. Coach Yu Jin was very committed into helping me become a better bowler, sportswoman and person.

Though a little strict at times, his attention to details was what pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were and surprised me on how much I could do when it comes to bowling. He wasn’t only my bowling coach, but my life coach as he shared life skills and taught me the meaning of hardwork, discipline, resilience and being more respectful to others around me.

I looked forward to every training session I had and am extremely thankful for the knowledge and skills Coach Yu Jin have imparted on me. 🙂

Nurhaliza Hussin Mar. 5, 2017

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Coach yu jin is strict at our drills as he will continue to guide us until we get it right. Thank you coach yu jin for having paitient with me.

Jovan lim Mar. 3, 2017

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Extraordinary coach, capable of raising potential of player.

Kleon Chan Mar. 3, 2017

My daughter(Nosheen Syarafana) has been with Bio Bowling since she was in Primary 3(2015). All the coaches is very friendly but strict during training especially Coach Tan Yu Jin. Senior Coach Tam Yam Hoe said that Nosheen show lots of improvement since she was a team member for her St Anthony’s Canossian Primary. In 1 year with Bio Bowling with excellent coaches, she managed to clinch 3rd placing in Single Event(Junior) in National School Games Bowling Championship. During 2017 MILO International Junior at Sunway Pyramid, coach Yu Jin makes the trip enjoyable by organising team bonding events for bowlers and parents too.
Thank you very much for to all the coaches.

Suratman Mar. 2, 2017

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My daughter Gaby has been with Coach Yu Jin since she started taking up bowling for her CCA in primary school. She has been with him for 5 years . Coach Yu Jin was the person who approached and informed me of Gaby’s potential in bowling. He has groomed her to be a better sportsman and bowler.

Coach Yu Jin not only trains the kids but also ensure that they are doing well in their studies.

Coach Yu Jin has made the team into a family whereby coaches, parents and students are united as one.

We are very happy with Coach Yu Jin and the rest of the coaches.

Michelle Lee Mar. 2, 2017

The coaches at Bio (Yu Jin, Steven, Uncle Tan & Fu Kuan) are all very dedicated and great with kids. They are ever ready to impart their knowledge & skills to their students.

Coach Yu Jin’s strict regime, his passion, creativity & meticulous attention to details get Norman’s constant rave.

He not only trains the boys in their physical games, Coach Yu Jin is also an excellent mentor to them. He’ll share his life skills; showing them what hardwork, discipline, confidence, sincerity and gratitude mean. It is no wonder that the boys have great respect for him.

I have much confidence that under the guidance of Coach Yu Jin and his team of coaches, Norman and Djohan will not only become better bowlers but more importantly, respectful sportsmen.

Rina Ng, mother of Norman & Djohan Mar. 2, 2017

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Coach Yu Jin and Coach Fu Kuan shows great dedication in teaching and they always try to adapt the training to the individual, even for group coaching. Would recommend to other people who are interested in picking up bowling as a new sport!

Marcus Tan Mar. 2, 2017