Bio Bowling Academy was founded in 2012 and being endorsed as a Centre of Excellence by the Singapore Bowling Federation in 2013. JForte Bowling is currently our training venue. Through the sport of bowling, we aim to impart knowledge of the sport to our students from beginner till advance level athletes. (View our training programs here)

We don’t stop at just imparting knowledge of the sport to our students. At the same time, we provide training and assisting in the overall character development and drive towards teaching life skills through the sport to our students too.

Bio Bowling Academy’s Coaching Philosophy

We aim to guide our students to be:

A Confident Learner

  • Thinks independently
  • Communicates effectively
  • Good interpersonal skills

A Mindful Person

  • Respect and have Empathy for others
  • Active participation with others
  • Well-informed and Selflessness

An Active Contributor

  • Exercises initiative
  • Adaptability, Innovative and Resilient
  • Aims for high standards

A Self-directed Learner

  • Takes responsibilities for own learning and actions
  • Reflections, Questioning and Perseverance
  • Uses technology adeptly

At Bio Bowling, we also have our own Coaching Languages we seek to impart to our students:

Be Proactive: ‘Can do’ attitude and Choosing their actions, attitude and moods wisely.



Plan in mind: Planning ahead & setting goals. Doing things that are meaningful that make a difference and also, setting a good example to the younger ones.



First thing first: Learning to set priorities and schedule them effectively, then following through the list. To stay organized and spend effort on things that are of more importance.



Seek first to understand then to be understood: Listen to others’ ideas and feelings, try to see from their point of view, to listen without interrupting and be confident in sharing own ideas.