Since 2013, Bio Bowling Academy has been endorsed as a Centre Of Excellence by Singapore Bowling Federation. Currently offering training courses from Basic to Intermediate and Competition Preparation courses.

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    Since 2013,...
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Registration for 2021 COE program with BIO Bowling Academy is now open!!!

Since 2013, Bio Bowling...
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At Bio Bowling Academy….

We not only impart knowledge of the sport to our students. We also do look into the overall development of the student as character development and training skills that students can use in their life are equally important to us. Thus, through the training sessions, students stand to gain beyond just the skills of the sport!

We aim to guide our bowlers to be:

A Confident Learner

Active Contributor

A Mindful Person

A Self-directed Learner

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From zero to representing the school at the inter-schools competitions, my Daughter has blossomed into a independent and confident lady. Thanks to Coaches Yu Jin, Fu kuan, Steven, under their tutelage, Beatrice developed that intense passion for Bowling and what was taught by the coaches translated into important life skills for her too.

Their passion for grooming the next generation goes beyond the sport. Keep up the good work!

Lin Jin Ting Jul. 19, 2017

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Tan Yu Jin

(Master Coach)

Tan Yam Hoe

(Senior Coach)

Goh Fu Kuan


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